Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PAGE SIX - A Story in Pictures - Part Two

Last time, we saw two early script versions of SHADRACH STONE, page 6, and Jon Proctor’s original version of the art for that page. Here it is again, with the lettering I did in order to present it to publishers:


Now -- once we started working with Penny-Farthing Press, Jon decided to redraw most of the art using a less chiaroscuro, more traditional-comics look. This was his own choice, though both Penny-Farthing and I gave him a few notes. Behold the new page 6:


Meanwhile, I received some notes from Penny-Farthing and revised the script slightly. Since Jon had already redrawn that page, I was able to match it to his art. For instance, I moved one of Shadrach's lines from panel 2 to 3, mostly for space reasons.

The blue text is changed from the previous version. (There's no industry standard for revisions, but I like to keep track.)


I also decided we needed to, uh, get to know Shadrach a little better in panel 5.

We all liked Jon’s new version, but I asked him to revise panel 5 so we could see Shadrach’s face. He did, and the page was then inked by Jeff Dabu and colored by Jon.


What’s next? Find out in part three…

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