Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mike Carey Says...

Stuart Moore was my editor on a book called THE STRANDED when he first mentioned the core idea of SHADRACH STONE to me, so I know that the planning for this book took place over a long time: I believe it must have overlapped with the planning for my own book, THE UNWRITTEN, and that pleases me for a number of reasons. Stuart and I seem to share some of the same obsessions. And we both make a living out of telling lies.

Okay, that’s not what we tend to call it, but all the same, that’s what it is.

From the introduction to SHADRACH STONE by Mike Carey, acclaimed writer of THE UNWRITTEN, X-MEN LEGACY, LUCIFER, and the Felix Castor novels. Thanks, Mike!


Next time: Beginning The True and Terrible History of SHADRACH STONE, the graphic novel. Miss it not!

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